Ontario Education Ministry launches investigation into Hebrew school after public call by Islamist organization

At the request of the Canadian Islamic Congress (CIC) the Ontario Education Ministry will launch an investigation into a Hebrew school in Kingston.

Quoting a letter written by a 9-year old pupil published by a local paper and stating Palestinians want “to push the Israelis into the sea,” and that “Jews have been trying to protect themselves in the land for over 3,000 years” the CIC claims that the teaching dispensed at the Kingston Hebrew school damages “healthy relationships among many Canadians”.

Ontario Education Minister Gerard Kennedy said yesterday that though he had not received a formal complaint from the CIC, he would nevertheless launch an investigation.

The CIC call for an investigation was released on Monday in a handful of Canadian Islamic websites, including the Montreal Muslim News and the CIC’s own website. CIC President, Mohamed Elmasry, has publically supported the murder of Israeli adults. Sadly, and ironically as well, no charges were brought against Elmasry and the sanctimonious CIC rejected his resignation.

Yet, Kennedy stated Ontario would act on the complaint just as it did after the Canadian Jewish Congress complained about an antisemitic incident in the Ottawa Islamic school Al-Abraar – for the sake of Canadian “evenhandedness”, one might be excused to suspect.

Kennedy made the announcement on the day the results of an investigation he led into the Al-Abraar Islamic School were made public. A pupil’s essay glorifying the murder of Jews and celebrated earlier this year by two of his teachers was found to have been written in an out of class competition and the incident was deemed an isolated one, unrepresentative of the school’s teaching. The Canadian Jewish Congress congratulated the Ontario Education Ministry on having completed its investigation.

Outbreaks of Canadian attempts at wrongheaded moral equivalency have become a staple of Canadian foreign policy. That Minister Kennedy would assess that glorifying murder at school and stating one’s understanding (whether disputable or not) of history in a newspaper bears some kind of likeness worthy of a ministry investigation seems to suggest that the Canadian pathology of morally corrupt evenhandedness is increasingly infecting the domestic front as well.