The sliding scale of Jew-baiting: Ahmadinejad 2.5/4, Greg Felton 4/4

Canadian Holocaust denier and darling of the radical Arab-Islamic/negationist local and international media, Greg Felton, gives Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s recent Holocaust denial and anti-Jewish genocidal declarations a 3.5/4 grade in his latest column, which apparently even his usual anti-Semitic fellow travelers are delaying to publish.

To those who don’t know the fellow, Greg Felton is a scribbler whose columns stopped being printed in the Vancouver Courier in 1997 after it became obvious his political agenda was less about the legitimate criticism of Israel than Jew-baiting, claiming “Israel was built on a lie”, that “European Jews exploited the suffering of their own people to further a policy of aggression and expropriation”, or that Israel is a “monument to Anti-Semitism”.

The mendacity of Felton’s Jew-obsessed, negationist rants has made him a welcome collaborator to the now defunct Alberta Arab News (reborn as the equally anti-Semitic Canadian Arab News), a regular writer for the Islamist/radical Left Media Monitors Network and guaranteed him occasional appearances in the Canadian Islamic Congress’ Friday Bulletin, notably, defending Mohamed Elmasry’s calls on removing Jews from government jobs. His toxic doodling appears as well in publications as wide apart ideologically (save for anti-Semitism) as the American neo-Nazi paper, The National Vanguard, the Journal of the Canadian Communist Party or Radio Islam, an anti-Semitic website run by Sweden-based Moroccan negationist Ahmed Rami.

In his newest column, Felton comes out in strong support of Iranian thug-in-chief Ahmadinejad’s recent inflammatory anti-Semitic comments vowing for Israel to be “wiped off the map”, suggesting that Israel be moved to Europe, Alaska or Canada, claiming Israel was born from European guilt over the Holocaust, which, paradoxically, is but a myth according to Ahmadinejad. For the sum of these four statements, Felton awards Ahmadinejad a 3.5/4 grade.

Let’s break down the grade.

The “Israel should be wiped off the map” declaration hits a perfect score of 1/1 with Felton who notes that “Israel is a criminal entity that has never had a moral, legal or political right to exist”.

On “Israel should be moved to Europe”, Felton again gives Ahmadinejad a full point. Felton’s rationale for this score is that “Slavs are not a Middle Eastern people”. Now if only Felton could convince pogromist Russians and Ukrainians that Ashkenazi Jews are Slavs, and for that matter, Israel’s large majority of Oriental Jews, that their ancestors were once fiddling on the roofs of Minsk while devouring on gefilte fisch and matzah balls. We are also mildly miffed that Felton ignores that Ahmadinejad also suggested Canada to “relocate” Israel. For this, we believe Felton was wrong to grant a full point to this statement given that, as he himself acknowledges, “Canada’s Foreign Ministry is (already) under Zionist occupation”. At most, only half a point should have been in order because of this moot point.

Ahmadinejad’s claim that Israel was founded on European guilt for the Holocaust also gets a full point. Here, Felton’s arguments are ambiguous. Europeans were blackmailed into supporting the creation of Israel because the United States allegedly threatened to put an end to the Marshall Fund, he explains. On the other hand, writes Felton, “the Holocaust had nothing whatever (sic) to do with ’Israel’”. Love those scare quotes, “Mr.” Felton. So which is it, guilt or blackmail? Again, Felton is overly generous and should have awarded only half a point to Ahmadinejad for failing to point out blackmail was at play as well.

Now for the big challenge. Is the Holocaust a myth? Here, Felton exhibits a hitherto well hidden sense of nuance. “The Holocaust has been so polluted by propaganda”, he writes, “that it’s virtually impossible to separate fact from disinformation, so I cannot say for certain if Ahmadinejad is right”. At most, Felton accepts that a measly 2.5 million Jews were murdered, while Ahmadinejad insists none were butchered. This unfortunate bickering over the number of dead Jews cost Ahmadinejad half a point and so the Iranian devil fails to achieve a perfect 4/4 score and must settle for a 3.5/4 score, while we at Judeoscope feel he only deserved 2.5/4 as explained above.

Be that as it may, in our view, Felton scores bigger on the scale of anti-Semitism. In agreeing that Israel should be wiped off the map, that Jews are not entitled to a nation-state on the land of their ancestors nor even have any link to it, that the creation of the Jewish State was the product of European guilt and American blackmail, and that 6 millions Jews were not slaughtered by the Nazis, Felton clearly deserves the perfect score of 4/4 and our two thumbs down.